To the American Auto  Dealer Bordlerss is  the bridge to the  global world


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Why the Borderless Platform?

Bordell Less is a WIN WIN solutions, Dealers sell, Clients buy, We ship/Export Remember a time when your dealership only sold cars to walk-ins, then The Year 2000 rolled in and your dealerships became an online marketplace to anyone in the america. Selling online didnt stop or take away from your walk in, the same way going global doesn't take anything from you, it simply creates more audience , more customers for your dealership . This is your invite to remove imaginary boundaries, The world is global , come lets go global join the movement Be bold, be borderless ,Go yonder, Bo beyond,

How it works

Starting is super simply, simple give us permission to integrate your website with ours by filling Simple Form. Nothing changes, we don't need any information that is not already public information on your site , just permission to list what is already on your website, All we ask if a car is already so please remove it from your site, Remember we only feed to our site what's on your site , Customers will call you directly , You will get the chance to negotiate and sell directly to the Customer , when transaction is complete, we simply pick up the vehicle and start the export process.

What is the cost of being listed on Borderless?

There is zero cost Absolutely no cost to the dealer as long as it maintains its dealers licence and website Need more visibility ! want your cars featured ? contact sales rep, for additional information Why is this thePremier service Free to Dealer ? We are a logistics company, our customers have been asking for more options from which to buy cars for export , this is a platform that caters to our customers need to have an Array of options from which to choose from !