Steps for Shipping RoRo

Export process is seamless and engineered to amaze.


When Transaction is finalized and you have made payment for your car directly to the dealership, the dealer will notifies us,  

The follow simple steps will be your next steps of action 

  • confirm export quote 
  • If you wish to add premium Service , this can be added at this point 
  • Fill out Letter of Intent and Power of Attorney
  • Confirm Order !
  • We take it from here, sit back, relax ! Your car is on its way to your destination port 

We keep you updated every step of the way !

Get update and track shipment

While you can track your shipment online from our website, we also send email notifications At various points

  • You will get a 24 hr & 2 hr pickup notice
  • Delivered to the port notification this lets you know your car is delivered to the port.
  • Cleared customs notification with ETA after 10 business days.
  • Cargo loaded and sailed notification, along with your Bill of lading is your final notification.
  • All Payments are due 3 days after cargo has sailed and can be made via wire transfer or cashiers check.

Final process is

Take your Bill of sale along with your Electronic release to your trusted overseas agent who will help you claim your cargo. Enjoy your new ride
Remember to visit us again for all your export needs !

Roro Tips

Save on Shipping Cost!!! When Buying Car From US

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